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 About Kazakhstan
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    This is Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the world's 9th largest country, Central Asia's largest developed economy, and politically stable and influential throughout the region.


Kazakhstan's main trading partners in terms of exports are Russia, Germany, China, Italy, France, Romania and the USA. In 2000, Kazakhstan became the first of the former Soviet republics to repay all of its debts to the IMF.

The primary sources of the national income are from exports of natural resources (oil and gas, metals, grain), but there is also growing manufacturing and services sectors.

Out of 116 elements of the periodic table, 98 elements are found in Kazakhstan, with 70 elements explored and 60 being recovered and used, including: uranium, zinc, lead, copper, iron, chrome, molybdenum, gold, silver. Natural resources in Kazakhstan also include substantial reserves of natural gas and petroleum.

Out of 189 countries Kazakhstan is ranked # 30 in Starting a Business, # 22 in Investor Protection and # 50 overall (up 3 positions from 2013) in the Doing Business 2014 report of the World Bank Group.

Since 1993, Kazakhstan has attracted over $200 billion in foreign direct investments.

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